Nike Jordan Golf Shoes – Waste of Money, Time, and Respect
Nike came out with Jordan ADG 2 golf shoes.  Who could go wrong with Jordan golf shoes?  Me, I guess.  A personal story about an iconic brand’s failure to stand behind its product.

tn_1200_1adeb8e41703320d232cf292edfcba23.JPGGolf at 9,300 Feet; The River Course at Keystone
While taking a family vacation in the Colorado Rocky Mountains, I had the wonderful opportunity to tee it up at The River Course at Keystone.  Being from the flat Midwest, golfing in the mountains was a new experience and one that I highly recommend for any casual or avid golfer. Standing on any number of tee boxes you can see 25+ miles past any of the greens. Snow-capped mountains, the Snake River, Lake Dillon, and alpine forests paint an awe inspiring backdrop to each hole that is in front of you.

tn_1200_7732181aa1dce79ce7428ca346c971b6.jpgHappy Birthday from the Golf Gods
Today was my birthday and I wanted to play a round of golf on “my day”.  On this cool November day in Wisconsin there were only 3 or 4 cars in the course’s parking lot.  I was geared up for a quick (and brisk) round of 18 holes at my home course.  My 8-year-old daughter Grace agreed to accompany me on this round; providing both company and advice along the way.

Blackwolf_01Big Golf Dreams at Blackwolf Run
Want a fantastic way to spend a day away from work?  Try golfing 36 holes at Blackwolf Run.  That was the way I spent a recent Friday this summer.  Located in Kohler, Wisconsin, about an hour North of Milwaukee, Blackwolf Run is a dream for the true golf fan.  At the end of the day your score might not be a dream, but the courses, conditions, layout, nature, environment, and hospitality will remain in your dreams for quite a while.

4ab7a6a47e0567f5ea1908de489fc888Last Round Blues
The leaves have all vanished, the grass has stopped growing, and the temperature has dropped to the freezing level.  Rain, snow, clouds, and wind have long replaced the sunny and balmy 70 degree days.  Welcome to November in Wisconsin.

wsi_02A Day at the Beach – Whistling Straits Irish Course
Given the name,”The Irish Course”, this Pete Dye design resembles many courses from Ireland.  The trademark hills, dunes, and mounds are everywhere.  Pete Dye was extremely generous with the frequency and placement of large and small sand traps throughout the course.  Each hole seems to have dozens of traps everywhere you look – way too many traps on the course to begin to count.

Orchards_mid_09The Orchards at Egg Harbor Golf Course Door County
In Wisconsin, when you’re in Door County you’re on vacation.  If you imagine the state in the shape of a mitten, Door County is the “thumb” – the large peninsula on the east side of the state that runs north into Green Bay and Lake Michigan.  It seems that every year I get away from the city for at least one long weekend trek to the area.  While “up north” this year I made a point to bring the sticks and play a round of golf at The Orchards at Egg Harbor.

Bog_Midsize_06The Natural Beauty of The Bog Golf Course
Back in 1995 Arnold Palmer, yes that Arnold, brought his golf magic and legendary reputation to Wisconsin by creating a new, beautiful, and enchanting golf course.  He put his transformational touches on a parcel of land adjacent to the Cedarburg Bog, located near the town of Saukville, and The Bog was born.

2011_Brute_Large_15Wisconsin’s Sleeping Giant – Grand Genevas Brute Course
Just a few miles outside the popular resort town of Lake Geneva, Wisconsin lies a sleeping giant.  And while this particular giant slumbers quiet and serene, it draws its strength from the roots of the Earth.  The Brute course at the Grand Geneva Resort has a storied history going back to 1968 when it was built as one of the longest golf courses in the country.  The course has been refined and enhanced over the years, but what still draws golfers from around the world to this idyllic setting is the challenge of its enormous scale.

ironwood_sunrise3_7qtjHow About a Round of 27? Let’s Play Ironwood
Located in Sussex, Wisconsin, Ironwood Golf Course is a venue that contains 27 holes of beauty, enjoyment, challenge, and frustration.   The course has three different sets of 9 hole courses that are assembled in several clever combinations to help make each golfing adventure unique.  While Ironwood has 27 separate holes, it is not a course where you feel like you are playing repetitive or cookie-cutter holes; no two holes are alike.

golfmountain10The Games within the Game of Golf
Golf for the sake of golf is great.  Keeping your own score to see how well you shoot is the best reason to take the sticks out and walk the course.  However when you are playing with your normal foursome it can be fun to add a little pressure to the situation.  While taking a few dollars from your friends during a round of golf is fun, razzing them in the clubhouse as they are handing the cash to you is even better.

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